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Brian O’Mahoney is a producer/composer based in Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland.

Brian uses a mixture of live instruments (electric/acoustic guitars, bousoukis, mandolin, bass guitar along with an extensive collection of sample libraries to create a sound suitable for picture.

Brian ventured into the world of library music for film and TV with a collection of folk celtic instrumental pieces published by Deli Music in London.

His next album was a set of ambient cinematic tracks with the core instrument being a felt dampened piano which is published by Irish music publisher Tunedock.

Brian then landed a publishing deal for an album ‘Sláinte’ with LA publisher Ghostwriter music under their label Astral. He was then approached by another LA publisher called ‘Songs to your Eyes’to write a ‘Celtic Punk album’. With the help of some of his longtime musician friends ‘The Outcast Crew’ were born and delivered a rousing raucous album in ‘Myths and Yarns’.


Brian recently teamed up with violinist composer John Davidson and they recorded a collection of Eastern inspired cues for the album ‘Eastern Dreams again licences to LA’s Songs to your Eyes. The pair have a number of albums planned for the year that will include everything from period drama to horror.

Brian is a diverse and passionate musician and his studio work sees him cover a wide range of genres from acoustic folk, chamber, orchestral/classical, indie, punk, rock. “I have a very diverse taste in music and always have,” explains Brian. “I grew up with my brothers albums that ranged from Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd and my parents had albums from Johnny Cash and The Beatles. It was bands like The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers that I swayed towards. In the end all that music you listen to prepares you for producing music. As a producer you have to be able to adapt to what you’re working on. You can’t be a one trick pony.”